“Quick to listen, Slow to speak”

“Be Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak”

Good evening, Family of Faith,

Sometimes in life, God throws one a curve ball which results in a new plan.  For me, it was learning that happened this past week that was affirmed in two phone calls this morning.  I was pushed or maybe dragged by the Holy Spirit into a new worship service for tomorrow.  After listening, I must follow my call to speak.  Please join Carla, Duane and I for worship tomorrow morning on Facebook Live as we lament, listen and speak together.  I have attached the new bulletin for you to use as you participate from your home.

I will not be using Zoom for worship but would love nothing more than for you to join me for Zoom fellowship after worship.  This will be a time for me to listen as you reflect on the worship service and where you are at in life today.  The link will be available on FB when worship is done.  Last Sunday, Zoom was having issues.  Hopefully they are fixed for tomorrow.

God bless, Pastor Deb