New DOG Night Service Project

The Dog Night kids have started a new service project in honor of National Prematurity Awareness Month. They are putting together milestone cards that can be used for photo opportunities for parents to share preemie milestones with friends and family. Because of COVID, only parents are currently allowed to visit the NICU. And even then, a lot of parents miss time with their babies in the NICU because of work schedules and other children at home. So these cards can be used by parents or nurses to document the important milestones.The kids learned about preemie babies, how tiny they can be, how sick they can be, and how we can pray for them and their families. we also prayed for the wonderful nurses and doctors that care for these babies. Thank you to Seanna Hewett, our DOG Night volunteer/NICU nurse for sharing a live feed video of one of the precious preemies currently in the NICU. (She had parental permission)