Ministry Moment

Joy Neugebauer shared this ministry moment with us today…

Joy was playing the role of the “baker” at last weekend’s “An Afternoon in Bethlehem” event. While the children were eating their bread and honey, Joy was telling the story that Jesus was born in Bethlehem last night. And it was very special because he was supposed to be a King. She went on to explain that he had to be born in a stable and was laying in a manger. She questioned whether the news she heard could be correct. Why would a King be in a stable?  And with complete confidence, a small boy chimed right in and said, “Oh yes, it’s true. You should come to D.O.G. Night. We are learning all about it.”

Thank you, Joy, for sharing this little moment with us. Sharing the good news, and providing ministry can happen anywhere…and it’s contagious. If you see or hear of any “ministry moments” when you are out in the community or with others, please email Josie or Pastor Deb with that story, so we can share it as well.

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