Introducing “Ministry Moments”

In the last couples weeks at D.O.G. Night, we have been discussing the importance of being thankful. The children were asked to write out a thank you card, thanking someone for something specific. One of the children brought Pastor Deb the card he made. When she said, “Thank you so much,” the child said, “Oh, it’s not for you. I want you to mail it to Jesus!” He was so excited for Jesus to receive his letter, thanking him for “bringing us alive,” that he called Pastor Deb twice, to make sure she had sent it off. He then asked her if Jesus had responded yet the next time he saw her. If you are ever wondering if D.O.G. Night is making a difference….IT IS!

Sharing the good news, and providing ministry can happen anywhere…and it’s contagious. If you see or hear of any “ministry moments” when you are out in the community or with others, please email Josie or Pastor Deb with that story,                                   so we can share it as well.


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