Friday Featured Christian Artist: Matt Maher – Because He Lives (Amen)

Christian singer and songwriter Matt Maher was born in Newfoundland, Canada, but it was not until a family upheavel led Maher to the desert climates of Arizona that he would find his calling and begin a musical career that would find him composing work for genre artists such as Bethany Dillon and Chris Tomlin, as well as releasing albums and playing shows across the Southwest – and eventually the world.

His latest release, All the People Said Amen (Live) – Matt Maher finds Matt Maher presenting his best-loved songs in a live setting, with four new studio tracks added. Over the past decade, the Canadian-born Christian singer/songwriter has approached worship music with a lyrical intimacy and eclectic sense of musicianship that sets him apart from his peers. His latest release catches him on tour with a muscular road band capable of veering from gentle praise compositions to burly blues-rooted numbers without disturbing the overall reverent vibe.

His latest single, Because He Lives (Amen) – Single – Matt Maher, has a driving beat that reminds us, “Because He lives I can face tomorrow, because He lives every fear is gone, I know He holds my life, my future in His hands.”

If you are unable to see the YouTube video above, the video can be found here:

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Source: iTunes Editor Notes