DOG Night -Lent- Being Thankful

TODDLERS- This is a video on gratitude that will teach the kids how to be thankful for what God has done and has given to them. This episode includes an animated Bible story, worship songs centered on thanks, and Hahn’s Memobie Machine – a fun Skuppet segment in which Hahn is trying to build a remembering machine and Bestos keeps messing it up.

ELEMENTARY KIDS- Being thankful is remembering to be content (happy) in all circumstances. In This is Thankful, we’ll meet our newest guide, Gavin, and his trusty robot, Oro. They’ll define the word “content” and lead us into a teaching on understanding contentment with the use of the Bible story about when God provided for the Israelites when they were wondering in the desert. We’ll also see an Short Skit about what it means to be content.