D.O.G. Night Volunteers – We Are Looking For You!

Disciples_of_God_DOG_NightThank you to those parents and other adults who volunteer their time, presence and talents for DOG Night. We greatly appreciate you!

If you have a child participating in the DOG Night program, it is important for you to find a way in which to volunteer at least once a month:

  1. Please consider attending the meal to sit at a table and provide an adult presence.
  2. You can help plan, prepare and/or serve the meal. We have wonderful and capable volunteers who can help you with the meal planning.
  3. Each unit is 4-weeks long. You can consider teaching a workshop for 4 weeks. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know everything in order to volunteer! The curriculum/lesson plans are provided for our various workshops on the Bible story: Story & Games, Movie, Drama, and Craft are some of the workshops that we have been using. Other options include music and kitchen. For our Bible story schedule, please reference our DOG Night pamphlet.

What a great way to give our on-going volunteers a 4-week break! Again, our DOG night program is a volunteer-run program and we need your presence.

To sign up for helping in the area of DOG Night meals, please call Judy Stanley at 255-4142 or Carol Neugebauer at 255-4688. To volunteer to be a shepherd or a workshop leader, please call Gloria at 255-4063 or Pastor Becky at 255-4662. To be an adult presence at the meal (and eat a great meal) from 5:30-5:55, just show up!

One quick reminder: Our doors do not open until 5:30 pm. We cannot supervise children prior to that time. You are welcome to have them play on the playground at their own risk prior to the start of the programming. If there is inclement weather, they can wait in the entrance of the church at 5:15 pm, but no earlier. Please plan accordingly.

Blessings, Pastor Becky Piper and the DOG Night volunteers