The Bible in 2013: Statistics & Infographic

What do you think was the most popular translation of the Bible in 2013? Would you have guessed the New International Version or the King James Version? What do you think was the most popular Bible verse to read? And the chapter? Here is a closer look at the details behind those questions and the answers.

Bible Translations:
According to the Christian Booksellers Association, the top 10 selling Bible translations in 2013 were:

1. New International Version
2. King James Version
3. New King James Version
4. English Standard Version
5. New Living Translation
6. Holman Christian Standard Bible
7. New American Standard
8. Common English Bible
9. New International Readers Version
10. Reina Valera 1960

2013 – Our Year With the Bible Infographic:
An even better insight in to what people were reading and doing with their Bible can be seen in the infographic “2013 – Our Year With the Bible”. This infographic takes a snapshot of 2013 from the online community of the YouVersion app and website. Can you believe that Romans 8 was read 4 times a second last year, just by the YouVersion community?

YouVersion: 2013 - Our Year With The Bible #Infographic

Source: YouVersion

Do any of these statistics surprise you? What statistic jumped out at you the most? We would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment below.