Backyard VBS Week 2 Link -Noah

We are on week 2 of VBS for the Backyard, and this week we will be talking about NOAH!!! I have attached the link to watch the story and complete the activities. There is also now a new Sing-Along mini worship for the week that I will post shortly! Enjoy VBS for the Backyard and don’t forget to send me photos of your activities and adventures we can post them in our VBS album. ( We have already received a few from last week, so check out our OSL Facebook page to see what other kids are doing as well! It will be fun to see how everyone’s crafts are turning out! Also, check out the OSL Facebook page for another fun NOAH song, and a a little later we will share a message from Noah himself, working on his “Ark.” He might look familiar!

Week 2 – Noah Click here to watch the story and see this week’s activites:

Week 2 Sing-Along below:

Week 2 Craft