Blackboard with the text We want your feedback

Hello to all our wonderful DOG Night Families and the OSL Family of Faith! We sure are missing all of you! I just wanted to send out a little update, and ask for your help with some feedback. The Education Committee made the hard choice to not have DOG Night (Disciples of God Youth ministry) in-person, at least through the rest of the calendar year. In an effort to keep our kids safe, as well as our volunteers (many that are in the at-risk category), we did a lot of research and discussing. We simply do not have the adequate space or resources/volunteers to meet CDC requirements in our building. Until we see how COVID-19 unfolds, we are looking at other options at this time,.Pastor Deb and the Education Committee believe in the importance of passing on the faith, knowledge of God or God’s love, grace, mercy and forgiveness to our children. With that being said, we completely understand that families are stressed and under a great deal lot of pressure (especially with school starting.) Myself and others are willing to put in the work, energy and effort to offer some sort of online, home-based ministry or possibly some sort of small group ministry, starting in October.

But first…we need your feedback….What would be helpful for you and your children to continue to keep growing in your faith? What isn’t helpful?

The sky is the limit, think outta the box! Any idea is a great idea.

We need your help to make this as great as possible. How can we continue to support your family’s faith growth, in the least stressful way possible? What tools can we provide that will support your family and not hinder you? Please feel free to email me your feedback, or you can call Josie Main (255-4662) or Pastor Deb (605-890-0781) with your suggestions and ideas. We appreciate any and all ideas.