YouVersion Bible App

“Could we be at one of these moments in history where technology, if we leverage it correctly, could transform how we engage in the Bible?”

You’ve probably heard in the news recently about the app, “Holy Bible, YouVersion” which recently exceeded 100 million downloads and offers the Bible in 617 versions and 377 languages.  The app for your smartphone or tablet is available for Windows, Apple, Kindle, Blackberry, or Android devices.  If you haven’t downloaded it on your smart device yet, you can find it at

Represented by the simple icon of a Bible with a bookmark, the app offers audio versions for listeners, navigation tools to look up passages, social media capability to share verses on Facebook and Twitter, and private or public platforms to store or share notes. The app is free and generates no revenue for the church that created it 5 years ago, LifeChurch. It simply aims to fulfill the Christian mission of spreading God’s word.  Hundreds of Bible versions, hundreds of reading plans, dozens of languages.  Add your own highlights, bookmarks, and public or private notes.  Customize your experience for easy reading.  Access everything when you’re connected, or download specific versions for offline use.

What is even more interesting is that YouVersion keeps the Christian community updated as to what people are finding in the Bible worth sharing across the globe.  Every month, they’ll update what verses are being shared and on what social media networks they are being shared on.  Is your favorite verse on the list?  Would you put another one on the list?  Let us know if you are using this new technology in your life by leaving a comment for us.  We hope you enjoy reading and digging into the Word with this new technology.

YouVersion Bible Sharing Infographic