Update on Flooding at Canton Lutheran

Update by SD Synod – Call for volunteers and financial contributions!

Canton Lutheran Flooding Volunteers Needed

Canton Lutheran Flooding Volunteers and Financial Donations Needed

The pictures above only BEGIN to tell the story of the destructive power of water as it forced itself into, around and over every square inch of the church basement. This was not “ordinary” faucet water from which we bathe or quench our thirst. Rather, these caustic flows of water that inundated the “sacred” halls from which we cook, share a meal, and enjoy fellowship opportunities – originated from the sewer. Water samples from the basement were analyzed by the Sioux Falls Public Health laboratory and were found to contain toxic levels of coliform and e-coli bacteria. Given the lab results and the reality that the basement was submerged in 3 to 5 feet of contaminated (sewage) water, the Executive Council held two emergency meetings… Click here to read the full story on the SD Synod website.

Funds are being collected for Wessington Springs, Canton, and Canton Lutheran Church. We are actively supporting all three endeavors. Checks can be sent to the South Dakota Synod office at:

South Dakota Synod, ELCA
2001 S. Summit Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57197

Please clearly specify in the memo line where the funds should be directed.

There continues to be a need for volunteers at Wessington Springs. Please call the 211 HelpLine if you wish to volunteer. A reminder that carpooling is encouraged.


Source & Photo Credit: SD Synod eNewsletter