The Generosity Has Been Amazing!!

A HUGE resounding ‘Thank You’ to everyone that has shown such incredible generosity over the past few days!! It has just been amazing to witness. Because of everyone’s generosity, we have all the donations we need at this time.

We will not be offering meals today or tomorrow through the church. But if you know of anyone that is in need of a meal or supplies, please contact Pastor Deb. All the donations that have been collected are being utilized and being sent where they can be used the most. If the situation changes we will get the word out to everyone via emails and social media. We will continue to accept monetary donations that will go directly towards those effected by the fire.

For all parents…if you need a break, OSL will be offering childcare on Saturday, December 16th from 5-8pm. Drop your children off, and take a load off, or catch up on anything you need to. All age groups are welcome. Donations are welcome but not required. This is our way of helping the community.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Deb at 605-890-0781.

Again, we just want to tell everyone how thankful we are for everything that has been offered or done. We have had people call, email, stop in, bring donations of food and personal hygiene items, offer up bedrooms in their homes, offer space/ care of animals, and just offer up their prayers. It took us awhile to wrap our heads around the day, and the out-pouring of love, support, and help we witnessed. We really do have an amazing community full of amazing people!