SDSM&T Lutheran Campus Ministry Bake Sale

SDSM&T Lutheran Campus Ministry Bake Sale

In a great show of gratitude for the Lutheran Campus Ministry at SDSM&T, students are holding a holiday bake sale to raise money. These students will be graduating in December and moving for jobs, most likely out of the area, but they wanted to do something to raise money for Lutheran Campus Ministry before they depart.

There is a limited time to order this week, but if you don’t have time to complete some of your holiday baking – this is a great idea to help supplement your holiday baking ‘stash’!

Just click on the link here to open up an Adobe Acrobat PDF file showing the options and cost. Please contact with your order this week. They will follow up with more information, how to pick the holiday baking up, and more.

Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!