Featured Friday Christian Artist: Lecrae – Broken (feat. Kari Jobe)

Anomaly_CoverSuccess hasn’t blunted the sharp edges of Lecrae’s music or message – if anything, the Christian hip-hop innovator has only grown more assertive as his star has ascended. His sixth album, Anomaly, finds him reaffirming his faith as he takes a hard look at the fallen world around him.

Lacrea Moore’s blend of street-smart wisdom and God-centered testimony has earned him popularity beyond the confines of the Christiam Music scene. Whether he takes a rebel’s stance (like in his song, Outsiders) or witnesses with fervor in the chosen song this week, Broken (feat. Kari Jobe), his flow carries a fiery sense of conviction.

While not all may be into the sound of Christian hip-hop, the words are unmistakably touching – “All the pieces on the ground, I shattered all the dream I thought I found, Can you put me back together? I need your grace for my flaws. God I’m broken in this mess I made, I need you to restore me.”

Source: iTunes