Annual Meeting Held on January 19th

Annual Meeting Held on January 19th

The Annual Meeting of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church was held on Sunday, January 19th following worship service. Jack Corr, Dan Martin and Crystal Wiles were elected to the council. Adare Diers and Greg Neugebauer will be the alternates.

After the Annual Meeting, the council elected the following officers for 2014: President—Alan P, Vice President—Bill D, and Secretary—Russell J. Marvin B accepted the appointment of Treasurer.

Thanks to all the chefs who provided chili for the cook-off after the Annual Meeting. All of the chili’s were great! The first place winner of the Cook-off was Jenett VanD.

Here is more information on the God’s Cupboard question asked during the Annual Meeting:

God’s Cupboard is not an account that has been listed in the annual report because it is currently connected with another account, the hospitality account. The hospitality account is used to help community members in need, so confidentiality is followed. It is an account that goes through auditing just as other church accounts do, and the group that audits those accounts has full disclosure to all records.