D.O.G. Night 16-17

D.O.G. Night 16-17

D.O.G. Night – Disciples of God
Wednesday’s 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Living Inside Out allows kids to be immersed in fun, memorable experiences. Large-group multimedia and activities combine with small-group interaction to cement Bible learning and help kids learn to live out their faith 24/7. Each month we will focus on a new theme. A new Bible story each week will help us learn about the theme.

In September the Unit title will be ‘The Big Dig’. Our Focus – “God’s Character”.

We want our children…
 To know they are loved by God.
 To learn what it means to be a Christian
 To know who Jesus is
 To learn the meaning and purpose of church
 To create a safe place to ask questions and wonder about God
 To connect home and church
 To know they are loved by a number of adults