7-8th Grade Confirmation


7-8th Grade Confirmation

Our regular Confirmation classes will begin September 15 at 11:00am following worship.

We will meet every Sunday at this time for 1 hour. We are in the year that we cover the Bible. We will be using the reform curriculum — Ancestors: Old Testament and New Testament. Each session begins with a short video and will include work in our “Anti-Workbooks.”

We will cover the Old Testament Ancestors through Dec. 22 and then move into the New Testament Ancestors in January.

There are 30 sessions. Attendance is essential. If you miss a Sunday, you will have to complete homework in order to receive credit for the missed session. This is different from how we previously led classes. We will discuss attendance as well as other guidelines when we meet.

Letters will be mailed out with information. We do need to know who will be participating so that Bibles, Anti-Workbooks, and Catechisms can be ordered for those who need them.

The Confirmation classes are for 7-8th grades, as well as any other youth who has not completed their Bible year. (Last year was the Catechism year.)

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