2015 South Dakota Synod Assembly Report

2015 SD Synod Assembly listen-logoThe theme of this year’s assembly was “LISTEN! God is calling!” Bishop Zellmer opened the Assembly stating: “If we don’t get our children involved, there will be no Church!”

Since this was was my first Synod Assembly, let’s start at the beginning. This is a gathering of over 500 Christians, working hard on our behalf to keep and find new programs, ministries, missions, campus outreach, and financing help for our seminary students. Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is in the Bear Butte Conference which includes Outlaw Ranch.

Some interesting facts I learned at this year’s Synod Assembly are:

  • 65% of seminary students have at some time participated in outdoor activities such as Lutherans Outdoors.
  • 60% of the Synod attendees, some 500 plus people, have participated on Outdoor Activities. Camping, etc.

We are asked to consider the Lutherans Outdoors for our own families and congregations this year.

Also speaking at this year’s Synod Assembly was a pastor from the Lutheran Church in Camaroon discussing their work. They minister to 2500+ and continue to grow fast. In the same line of mission work, we celebrated 25 years of ministry for the Lutheran Church in Nicaragua, which is now our Companion Synod.

Some interesting upcoming events were reviewed:

  • Germany trip Nov 3-12, 2015
  • Discovery Hope Bible Study June 27, 2016
  • Golf tour July 13, 2016
  • Workshop in Huron August 11, 2016
  • “God’s Work Our Hands” in Rapid City August 13, 2016

There were many more worthwhile topics brought up at the assembly, including the necessary and mundane.

Can we each consider doing more for our church? Maybe just one time or as our time allows—even in some small way, or our own special or simple talent?

Listen, God is Calling!

Chic Schneekloth